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Benefit Using This Product
Behind the IVR: Decrease workload, increase
resolution efficiency
Based on the caller’s answers, the IVR either provides him or her with the
required information or routes the call to the correct agent.
Never Miss a Business Lead Respond to all calls and address customer queries professionally. Reduce caller waiting time and direct them to the concerned department or agent if required
Position as an Enterprise Make your company appear larger than it actually is while enhancing your company’s image and gaining loyal customers using a holistic customer care system.
Listen to Your Customers Listen to actual conversations happening live or previous recordings to understand the true voice of the customers and the quality of customer handling experience
No need for a big infrastructure As the complete setup is over the cloud, you do not have take burden or worry about additional, unwanted space in your premises for huge IT infrastructures
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Use Case Scenario How Voice Calling can boost your business
Keep Customers, Save Time, and Gain Profit IVR reduces average call duration by 40%. Speed may be the breaking point that determines whether or not your potential customer actually completes a transaction. Remember, satisfied clients tend to make purchases more often.
Enhance Customer Support Management By using IVR for recording the information that your callers frequently seek — such as your company’s business hours, address, or contact details — your agents can focus on addressing more complex customer needs.
Manage your inbound calls step by step Easily configure your call flow yourself with just a few clicks and modify it as you see fit in a matter of minutes. This allows you to have full control over the call coming into a specific phone number.
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  1. Is simple to use - no coding skills required
  2. Initiate your first call with Komunika in several simple steps

curl -X POST \

-H "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_TOKEN}" \

-H "Content.Type: application/json" -d `


 "from": "+19876543210",

 "to" : [



 "body": "Hi thre! How are you?"

}` \


Let Us Remind You Frequently Asked Questions
  • IVR - short for Interactive Voice Response - automates interaction with telephone callers. Most people are familiar with IVR applications. These applications allow users to retrieve information such as bank balances, flight schedules, and movie show times from any telephone and without the help of a live operator.
  • When a caller(customer) dials the IVR number (of your company), the CTI card handles the telecom signaling, call connection part. IVR Application receives the call, play WAV files(audio files), detect DTMF digits or does speech recognition, retrieves information as per the DTMF or Speech Command and play the required wav files as per the scenario. Basically, the IVR discovers the purpose of the call, gathers information from the callers, routes the calls automatically, segments the calls by priority and enable the companies to supply agents for resolving the complex customer issues.
  • Some major types of IVR Systems are:
  • Inbound IVR : Users call the IVR number, so it is called inbound IVR.
    Outbound IVR : IVR calls out to the users, so it is call outbound IVR.
    OnPremise IVR : IVR system which is installed on the premise to be used exclusively by the company. It was only kind of IV before(basic).
    Hosted IVR : With advent of web based applications as well as internet penetration, it is now possible to host IVR system at remotely. So it is called hosted IVR system.(advanced)
  • Traditional IVR systems use proprietary software and expensive telephony hardware. Komunika’s IVR system is based on VoiceXML, an Internet open standard, so it is easy to integrate with other software applications. It can be deployed on any PC with a voice modem, an off-the-shelf standard computer component. That makes the cost of having your own IVR system extremely low and affordable.
  • The basic idea is to configure the VOIP/SIP extensions of your PBX system, then use Voicent software to manage those extensions. If you have a 4-line Voicent system, you need to configure 4 extensions. In this configuration, Voicent software acts as a set of softphones on these extensions.
  • To configure these extensions, please check the user manual for your PBX system. Normally you can find sections for configuring extensions for SIP softphones, such as x lite. You can also Google the term "Avaya IP office SIP extension" (or whatever system you're using) for more info. Once you have these extension configured, you should make note of the SIP credentials for the extensions.
  • To configure Voicent to use those extensions, open Voicent Gateway, select Setup > Options > SIP tab, click the Add button. You should see a dialog window for you to enter the SIP credential of one extension there. (The dialog window looks similar to the configuration window for x lite, so check your PBX manual to see how to enter the SIP credential info). Normally, you need to add separate SIP accounts for each extension.
  • A flexible IVR system can deliver dynamically generated content, such as account balances, when interacting with callers. The information is relayed to the caller by using a Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine, which reads aloud text in specified data fields.
  • Integrating a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system enables agents to quickly gain access to customer information on inbound and outbound calls, increasing operational efficiency and providing an improved customer experience. For example, with Voicent TelephonyCRM, all calls with caller ID are automatically saved. When a customer calls back, a screen popup with customer profile and call history is displayed on an agent's computer. Based on the customer's category, it can further direct which IVR application to use to answer the call, meaning the call can be automatically transferred to a specific person or department.
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