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Integrate any communication channel or module by using our flexible and programmable API stack.
SDK & Helper Libraries
Start building communication solutions with Komunika SDKs
  • Boost your business with personalized communication.
    Consumers expect more from their operators these days. Build customer loyalty with rich, personal, interactive notifications!
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  • Keep it simple: one provider, countless solutions Imagine one API automation for all your voice communication services. Well, you’ve found it! Build into our high-quality network and be in total control of your customer’s experience, thanks to our custom mobility clients and voice solutions.
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Improve every stage of the customer journey

It’s all about the experience. From prospects to long-time subscribers, we’ll make sure your customer are happy and engaged - to drive business results and more flexible business

How Komunika brings bottom line business benefits
Boost revenue

Prevent fraud, keep customers secure, and increase conversion rates. Yes, they go together! An incredible, safe customer experience means lower churn and more revenue. To keep you and your customers happy!
Cut costs

Giving customers access to self-service tools such as an IVR can help deflect up to 50% to 80% of routine queries, saving money and freeing agents to work on higher-value tasks like cross-selling and up-selling.
Enhance engagement

Did you know that customers are 35x more likely to open a mobile messages such as voice than email? Start customizing and automating those messages, and sending them to every channel your customers want - with Komunika, it’s easy!
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