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Integrate any communication channel or module by using our flexible and programmable API stack.
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  • Step up security, Enhance app security with scalable multi-factor authentication

    Increase conversion rates in your signup flow with flexible and reliable phone number veriification

Benefit Using This Product
Komunika IVR Broadcast OTP
Safer, smarter, Pick your verification solution
Get the exact solution you need with our wide range of SIM-based identity verification methods.
Provide Security and Trust Enhance app security and protect customers' shared data with scalable multi-factor authentication solutions
Ensure Global Reach Use phone numbers as a global user identity with SIM-based verification methods
Improve Acquisition Increase conversion rates in your signup flow with flexible and reliable phone number veriification
Flash Call Verification The faster, more cost-efficient alternative to traditional SMS verification
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Use Case Scenario How Voice Calling can boost your business
Phone Call Verification Need confirmation of verification? No problem! We've got you covered with a quick callback to your backend when end users have been verified.
Data Verification The fastest verification method on the market today. Once your end-user provides a phone number, it's a friction-free, zero-click process.
SMS Verification Send conversion rates soaring with seamless account registration and login alongside quick and easy user validation.
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  1. Is simple to use - no coding skills required
  2. Initiate your first call with Komunika in several simple steps

curl -X POST \

-H "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_TOKEN}" \

-H "Content.Type: application/json" -d `


 "from": "+19876543210",

 "to" : [



 "body": "Hi thre! How are you?"

}` \


Features Build a custom voice flow for your business
Easy integration Get verified in no time with only a few lines of code thanks to our lightweight SDK or REST API for Android.
Top-notch security With a pool of over 100,000 numbers to draw on, Flash Call is as secure as a 5-digit OTP code.
Automatic OTP capture A seamless CX from the very first touchpoint. Flash Call Verification captures the one-time password (OTP) with no user action required.
Optimized routes Get the best conversion rates with powerful real-time feedback - our reporting API continuously optimizes for the best routes.
Seamless UX Deliver a friction-free UX! Our Android SDK manages the complete on device call verification process from start to finish.
Satisfy compliance An ISO 27001-certified solution, governed by EU GDPR and enabled through cryptographically secure code generation and storage.
Powerful customization Adjust your voice prompts to the user's location, customs and language.
Global reach on any device Make sure you can reach users on any device. If SMS and Flash Call don't cut it, call verification can step in to save the day and deliver a one time password.
Pricing We don’t charge any upfront payments. You pay for what you use, when you use it – no hidden charges.
Quick sign up, get started in 5 minutes!   Use free test credit   Easy to implement APIs & SDKs
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