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  • Voice survey: a revolution in the understanding of your customer

    Use voice survey for market research and analysis to derive insights into your existing products, and to help formulate new ones.

  • Hear your customers, literally

    Komunika voice survey is a survey where the questions are asked by an AI voice assistant and the respondent answers the questions by voice.

Benefit Using This Product

Komunika Voice survey : a new step in the understanding of your customer

Komunika’s Voice surveys provide several benefits compared to other types of surveys.
It has the advantages of the online surveys while still having some benefits of the in-person surveys.
Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of voice surveys.
More natural and honest answers When AI asks users a question by voice, user needs to answer it instantly. This leads to an honest reply as you give the first information that comes to user’s mind, and it makes the whole process more natural.
More detailed and quicker process than text With voice it’s different! In the same amount of time, you communicate 5 times more information when you speak compared to when you write text. No more compromise between the number of respondents and the detail of the answers!
They save time, you save money Don’t bother your customer by spending their time to filling a long form where they have to read long questions and have to reply in a few lines. Use voice survey for in-depth information with little effort and for very little money for your business.
Creating your own voice survey With Komunika, no-code platform creating a voice survey requires the same effort as creating a google form but you will get much more in-depth answers and quicker! For your customer, they can answer your survey without staring at the screen and just lie down, listen and speak!
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Use Case Scenario How Voice Calling can boost your business
Engage your customers
with ease
Create and deploy customer surveys and questionnaires quickly using our easy to use templates.
Improve your customer loyalty Obtain feedback directly from consumers, wherever they are, also increase response rate and engagement
Improve your business offering Use voice survey for market research and analysis to derive insights into your existing products, and to help formulate new ones.
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curl -X POST \

-H "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_TOKEN}" \

-H "Content.Type: application/json" -d `


 "from": "+19876543210",

 "to" : [



 "body": "Hi thre! How are you?"

}` \


Features Build a custom voice flow for your business
Customer satisfaction
With our call API, there is no need to deal with local number polls. You can acquire local or national mobile and toll-free numbers for calling in 70+ countries
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Employee engagement
Let callers interact with the IVR and respond to prompts using spoken language, all available with the new Voice IVR with speech recognition.
Market research
Record all inbound and outbound calls via a phone call app, get smarter and make customer communications even better.
Event planning
With audio automatically generated from typed text alongside multi-language support, you can reach more people with minimal efforts.
Education and schools
Improve contact center performance and enhance customer experiences with modern and programmable IVR systems.
Use pre-recorded phrases to customize online phone call conversations and make the customer experience more pleasant.
Pricing We don’t charge any upfront payments. You pay for what you use,
when you use it – no hidden charges.
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